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Posted by Nely ( on March 07, 2002 at 23:44:09:

In Reply to: Re: controversial aspects of Hatshepsut posted by ``elizabeth on February 14, 2002 at 09:47:57:

I made a promise to my father Thutmose l that I will marry my half brother, but my father was an innovator, we knew that tmy brother will die young, and I was the most strong and the most beloved of my father, and he wanted for me to be King, because of my gender the Priest of the temple of Amun-Ra wil not allowed for me to be Pharoe of Egypt. I was already in love with Sen-mut when I had to marry my brother only for protocolo. 3 days before our wedding he came to talk to me, and to tell me that he knew that I was so very in love with Sen-mut and he with Isis, that I could run to Sen-mut and find love, and that he knew that he will die young, that he love Isis, and that if she will be with child spare his child life as her after his dead, that he will spare Sen-mut life now.
Most people dont belive in reincarnation, but I here in this live, still in love with Se-mut, who I found.
P.S. Thutmose did kill Sen-mut, Haposeneph, Nehesi, Sene-men, plus another 200 of my slaves. He hold me prisoner in my own quaters keeping me from comiting suicide, he knew that for him to be pharoe of Egypt I have to marry him, I NEVER DID - AFTER 4 YEARS OF WAITING HE ORDER MY DEATH, AND URSUPED THE TRONE. I WAS SO VERY HAPPY TO DIE, I WILL FINALLY WILL FIND PEACE, AFTER SE-MUT DEAD, THERE WAS NO DAWN, SUN, OR RAIN THAT CAN CONSOLED ME, I STILL SO VERY MUCH IN LOVE WITH HIM, HE LIVES IN ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO.

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