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Posted by Ptahkhutem ( on April 30, 2003 at 09:36:56:

In Reply to: Reincarnation from Past lives posted by Ptahkhutem on February 04, 2003 at 15:37:12:

: To all those who know very little of the Kemetic lifestyle and religious system. Please do not quote men such as the Egyptologists because they only speculate. They can not and will not be totally truthful on what has been found in Egypt.I should know because I am an Amateur Egyptologist and have found some things that make the so-called experts cringe. Like the answer to how Tut and Ankhenaten were really killed and were he was supposed to be buried. And to those who will doubt my words, feel free to test me on all I have written here in this forum. And as fro the Medjai-Medjay-Mazoi these people were not Mercenaries as most White and Red Egyptologists will tell you. They are Egyptian remember the cataract extended all the way to lower Nubia-Sudan at the beginnings of the Nile. Read the Glyphs people they will prove worthy and have all the answers to your questions. And also look to the lands of Southern and Eastern Africa to find the Meroe language still in use today. And by the way I am a True Medjai whose family let Kemet ad settled in Mali under the Keita Tribe of whom Mansa Musa is and his Brother Abubakari

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