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Hatshepsut's full name is Makare Hatshepsut. She wore male pharoah's cllothes and a false beard some of the time. Her husband Thumose the second was her half brother and he died of skin diese in 1490 B.C. Thumose the third was her husbands son. He had him with a lowly harem woman named Isis. Hatshepsut made Thumose the third marry her daughter Nefure Re. Thumose the third realy hated Hatshepsut so when she died he erased her name from Egypt and destroyed all the things she built. Her body and all of her possesions were stolen. The only part of her they found was the canopic jar of her liver. Hatshepsut had a peacful rule and was named "Lord Between the Lands." Hatshepsut told people she was the sun god Amon Ra's daughter. Well, I hope I could help.

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